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    2. 產品展示
      產品詳情Product detail


      發布日期:2019-11-15 14:25:44 訪問次數:1492




      Local features:

      The whole machine adopts the unit type design ,each group has an independent motor drive,can also be based on customer  requirements for each group with independent motor drive ,improve the accuracy of mechanical operation.

      1 the machine is easy to operate, the use of all the adjustment screws are easy to adjust the design.

      2 thd paper feeding part adopts the high pressure electric absorption and high friction belt ,which can ensure the smooth and accurate feeding.
      The front end of the folding part is providec with two rows of pressure line wheels to ensure the accurate pressure line.

      3 shaping department.Forming guide wheel,servo motor,independent drive,can be adjusted independently according to the need to modift the cardboard forming scissors mouth.Model introduction:
      Autornatic nail paste machine is mainly suitable for the box and nail box forming, thestructure is simple and practical,can well meet the needs of small and medium-sized carton packaging enterprises.The company many years of experence in manufacturing paste box machine,the comprehensive advantages of Europe and the united states,Japan and South Korea,Taiwan and other paste box machine , the machine is running more stable,forming smaller error etc,can well meet the needs of small and medium-sized carton packaging prdduction demand .

      牙桿電機: 飛寶減速機
      伺服電機: 日本安川
      控制電器: 施耐德
      按鈕: 施耐德
      開關: 施耐德
      PLC: 歐姆龍
      觸摸屏: 威綸
      接觸器: 施耐德
      電磁閥: 亞德客 SMC
      氣缸: 亞德客
      控制器: 臺灣進口,本機設計速度分鐘/100片