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    2. 產品展示
      產品詳情Product detail

      DLDX-2600型 雙片調整全自動釘箱機

      發布日期:2019-11-15 14:19:44 訪問次數:2351

      DLDX-2600型 雙片調整全自動釘箱機
      最大紙張尺寸(A+B)*2 (mm)Max.paper size   2600
      最小紙張尺寸(A+B)2Min.paper size   920
      最大紙箱長A mm Max.carton length   760
      最小紙箱長A mm Min.cartong length   260
      最大紙箱寬B mm Max.cartong width   460
      最小紙箱寬B mm Max.cartong width   200
      最大紙張高(C+D+C)(mm)Max.paper height   800
      最小紙張高 (C+D+C)(mm)Min.paper height   210
      最大搖蓋尺寸C(mm)Max rock cover   300
      最小搖蓋尺寸C(mm)Min rock cover   5
      最大高度D(mm)Max.high   800
      最小高度D(mm)Min.high   200
      最大釘舌寬度(mm)Max width of the tongue   40
      釘距mm Nailing From   30-120
      釘數Number of Nails   0-99
      打釘速度(次/min)Stitching Speed   600
      機器重量(T)weight   10T


      電氣配置   品牌
      機關伺服電機   日本安川
      送紙伺服電機   日本安川
      PLC光電形狀及接近   歐姆龍
      接觸器、斷路器   施耐德
      機頭減速機   利明
      中間繼電器   施耐德
      釘頭整組   臺灣
      氣缸、電磁閥   亞德克
      觸摸屏   威綸
      刀片   德國合金鎢鋼制作
      底摸   德國合金鎢鋼制作
      齒輪減速機   東特或中大
      蝸輪蝸桿減速機   真譽
      軸承   NSK
      膠輪和太陽輪   臺灣超耐


      Uses and characteristics
      1.It is easy and simple to operate automatic monotony by computer.
      2.The whole control system uses PLC control system,touch screen man-machine interface,easy to operate
      3.Paper feeding part adopts vacuum absorptiong leading edge belt to ensure the skew of carton part
      4.The whole set of nail heads importer from Taiwan with a mechanical speed of 600 nails per minuter;
      5.The nail spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily from 30 mm to 120 mm.
      6.Single nail/double nail/ one-time completion,can meet the different reqrirements of different customers for nail species;
      7.Applicable to three,five and seven layers of corrugated cardboard(special instructions for seven layers)
      8.Changging the size of cartons and adjusting the nail spacing of cartons can be completer in only a few minutes,which greatly saves time and is easy to operater.